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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 16 continued...
Geneseo, IL

After working on setting up the satelitte dish all afternoon, Paulie finally threw in the towel. I had been able to access the dish network sight and downloaded the instructions on how to wire the thing. I tell Paul I will print them. Aha...I have a printer in the rig, am I prepared or what? I lug it down, plug it in and bring over my laptop. Crap. My new laptop doesn't have the correct printer connection...the new ones are all USB ports. This is grandma's old printer and it has the old pin type connectins. Crap again. I was also hoping to print the letter I had composed to the IRS to get this thing settled. I don't even know if there is a converter from a pin connection to a USB. And, will it be available in Geneseo IL? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and get a cheapy printer to keep here. I really don't want to do that, as I was hoping to get my old laptop fixed and then I can use that one (which will become Paulies laptop) to do any printing as needed.

About 5:15, Paulie who is now NOT in a very nice mood due to his frustrations over the dish satellite thing says he is going into town. OK. I have been waiting all freaking afternoon to go grocery shopping. We go off, grandpa stays behind with the furkids. Paulie is traveling at the speed of light down the highway. He tells me that we need to hurry because it will be late by the time we get dinner on the table. Ok. We ask a local for directions. We find the Jewel. A Jewel right here in Geneseo. And its a nicer one that what we have in Springpatch. Can you believe this? We rush thru the store, and cripes $66 dollars later we are off back to the campground. Paul and I put away the stuff and he starts to get dinner ready. He has cooked steamed shrimp (courtesey of the deep freeze back home), coleslaw and hawiian salad from the deli. I can tell he is pissy 'cause he put some of each on our plates and even put cocktail sauce on the plates. He is in full control/prickly mode when he does this. Dinner was ok...shrimp were a bit salty to me, but then since I limit my salt, everything tastes salty to me.

After dinner, Paulie decides to go take a shower. Gee, its been so long I don't remember when he showered! Ewwwww. He also takes the laundry. Such a good husband. Grandpa and I settle in to watch some TV special about the 100 films that make you "feel good".

The end of another day. I get the stuff to make up our sofa bed and grandpa goes to bed. After settling in, Paulie makes me get up and move the fan so he can "feel it". So I huff outta bed and put it on the table. It feels like we are in a wind tunnel. This ain't gonna work yanno. "Perfect", he says. OK...I grab blankets and cover myself head to toe. Paulie promptly falls asleep with the TV on. I poke him and tell him to shut the darn thing off. Another blissful night in the Meandering Ziaja's rig.

Day 17

We wake up to some partly cloudy skies. Weather looks threatening for the weekend. No problem, we have a shelter for not only our meeting, but if it rains, our potluck too.

Don't know what the plans are for today. I'll post more later.



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