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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Naples Day Three

Well, the weather here has been perfect. A bit cool for this time of year, but beautiful nonetheless. After showering this morning (we all trooped down to the club house as our hot water regulator is still on the fritz. However since the bathroom faucet debacle, I will wait until we get it professionally fixed!) We went back to the rig and had a late breakfast. Paul and I went to Naples to find a wifi spot, but I have already posted about that. This entry is what we did for the rest of the day today. We found several access points to the beach off Hwy 41, and actually walked along the edge of the water for awhile. I picked up a few shells. I would like to fill a Mason jar lamp with them. Paul said I’d better be careful or I’d end up like Lucy in the movie “The Long Long Trailer”. Yeah, but she collected rocks and I am picking up little stinkin’ shells for cripes sake! I want to go to Tin Alley tomorrow. I wonder if Paul will drive me…I had a bit of a spinning session this afternoon when the barometer started acting goofy due to a cold front coming in. (It is called a cold front…it will drop about 10 degrees I guess…thank goodness it is going back up to the 80’s Thursday!). I thought it being cooler, we could do some sightseeing. I also want to go to Marcos Island. Paul and Grandpa did some fishing today…all they accomplished was losing their bait. I did protest that they put those disgusting night crawlers in my fridge, but I lost that debate 2 votes to 1. Ugh. Just the thought of worms in my fridge makes me gag. Men. Geesh, can’t they use those little gummy worm plastic thingies? They are an inert, non-living pretend insect, and are much more appealing, to me anyways. I had emailed Mom with the addy for her to go get our mail and FEDEX it to us. We stopped at the office to make sure that we would be able to get the package and I asked for a listing of the available properties here. My goodness, this place is way outta our price range. Lots like the one we are renting cost over $175,000. Unbelieveable. Then there is a $165 a month association fee that covers trash pickup, maintenance and the club house upkeep. Wow, no wonder most of the rigs parked here are the ritzy ones that cost over $300,000. I happened to pick up a real estate booklet and there wasn’t ONE house (and this included mobile homes, ‘scuse me, manufactured homes is the correct term now I guess!) under $250,000. We just cannot afford to be here that’s for sure.

Well, that’s all for today. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another three days til I can upload again.



Wednesday January 18, 2006
Naples Day Four

We got up this morning to a cold drizzle. Not to be thwarted by inclement weather, we got up and off to Waffle House for some waffles, eggs and my fav, grits. The weatherman said that skies should clear and temps go up to the lower 70’s by afternoon. After a nice breakfast we headed to WalMart. I needed to get my nails filled. The look on Paul’s face made me laugh. He positively HATES that I get my nails done every three or four weeks. After they dropped me off, I asked the nail guy if they thought they could get the nails off without destroying the new growth. No problem…I hate when they say things like that. After about one hour filled with a Vietnamese torture expert digging into my nail beds and cuticles, I had my gel nails in the trash and my new, very much my own nails sporting a French manicure. They really feel weird and thin after having the gels on for over a year. I figured it would make Paulie happy. Of course, after only 3 hours of having my own nails, I tried to get Oscar’s choke collar off and promptly cracked half of my salute finger, on my right hand nail off. Grrrr. I don’t have a nail file or emery board, so I think I will go to Big K after dinner to get a few nail supplies. And he thought this would save him money…foolish man.

After my manicure, we drove to Marco Island which is about 6 miles away. It was two main streets and a gazillion high rise condo’s and beautiful multimillion dollar homes along water front. I just am awed that there is so much money in and around the Naples/Marco Island area, hell, in the WORLD for that matter. Where have I been all my life? Why don’t I have one of these $2.5 million dollar houses with a pool, tended by a Speedo bedecked pool boy, and two or three Mexican gardeners tending my bougainvilleas and coconut palms? Well, no use crying over split milk or in this case lost millions (hey, I never said I wouldn’t marry for money now did I?) Somehow, all of this has escaped me. *Sigh*. In my next life I may come back rich instead of brainy and beautiful.

After viewing all these beautiful homes, we stopped into another motorcoach community. I thought the place we are staying is high dollar. There were nothing but Prevost Coaches in this place. So, just think…each one of these coaches is custom built like for rock stars and multimillionaire who want to experience the RVing life on the road…Hah…what a joke. They start at about $1.25 million…just the frame and motor is a mere $500,000. The lots for sale were $250,000 and UP. Way too rich for us, but it was fun to look anyways.

Back at our rented RV spot in what now appears to be a slum…I cooked up some gulf shrimp so they would be cold for dinner. The sun had surfaced after hiding all morning but it was still cool out. I had developed a headache and decided to take some pills and a nap. I woke up about 5 p.m. Paul was pretending to be a fisherman, Grandpa was watching poker on TV and the dogs were getting in some of their 22 hours of necessary daily sleep.

We sat outside for awhile and then had some delicious boiled shrimp, salad and three cheese garlic toast. I had a Miller light and it went right to my head. Paul will have to drive me to Big K’s I guess.

Tomorrow I want to go to Tin City and do the tourist thing. It was sister Jan’s birthday today so I’d like to get her something neat and unusual. Thinking perhaps a couple of pink flamingoes for the front of the house? What, you don’t think they’d fit in Cumberland Maryland. Tsk, Tsk. Gauche, all of you LOL!



Thursday January 19, 2006
Naples Day Five

We all got up about 8:30. We have two automatic alarm clocks named Oscar and Pepe. Snickers is acting very weird…more so than normal. She found a hiding spot in the hall wardrobe. Once she gets in there, she won’t come out. I don’t see any problem but sometimes going into the bathroom or the bedroom, Paul or me unconsciously shuts the wardrobe door and she is stuck in there until somebody remembers. Furkids are such fun.

I didn’t feel to great after I got up so I laid down for about an hour. We decided to take a ride to Everglades City and Goodwin. We went back east on US 41 and then headed south on Hwy 29. We wound up making a large circle back to Marco Island. I didn’t see anything on the map that showed this connection. I guess I need better map reading skills!

We stopped home for a quick lunch which turned into a marathon lunch as Paul had gotten the FEDEX box from Mom and proceeded to examine each and every piece of mail. He promised to take me to Tin City, so he’d better get his tushie moving soon. Or, I will just take the keys and go myself!
That should scare him….me with my mastercard amongst all the tourist shops, LOL!

Not much else to write about, so I will post later about our trip into Tin City.



Thursday continued….

Well we made it to Tin City. It was really a neat little touristy shopping area. Lots of little specialty shops. I found two t-shirts for Paul. One says Senile but Sexy, and the other one says I’m not getting older, I’m ripening. What the heck, there were only $1 each. That’s about what he’s worth. Ooops, that wasn’t nice. He really is a good guy. He let me buy a bottle of Naples Winery Sangria. We found the Naples Winery shop and they did samples. Pretty good stuff. I liked the Blueberry wine, then I tried the Mango. It too was very good. Grandpa liked the Sangria, and so did I. Paul has no desire for good wine and he didn’t like any samples. We decided on the Sangria. It was about $20…that’s a lot for him to swallow. Wait till he sees what I spent on those t-shirts!

After browsing the shops, we decided to go to the McDonald’s on Hwy 41 so I could post the last few days of this blog. Fighting the traffic around here is a real challenge. The sheer number of cars on the road at any given time is amazing. It’s like being in Chicago or driving in Long Island or Manhattan. Then, there are the old farts that really mess things up. We finally get there, I pick a nice comfy spot to get on line with my wifi at the linksys free hotspot. The ‘puter was hibernating, which means it was ON for the whole afternoon and the battery was drained. I guess you could say I was just a little miffed. The curse words that were spinning around in my head embarrassed even me. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait another day to post. I really hate having to post so much at one time. Certainly don’t want to bore my readers!

I am really tired this evening. I hope I can stay up at least to see ER.



Friday January 20, 2006
Naples Day Six

We all got up early again, but is time I went back to bed with a migraine headache. Paul went out to get a newspaper and to mail off some bills. Mom’s mail package arrived on schedule. By the way, Mom, didn’t I tell you NOT to send bills? We are on an incredible and wonderful adventure here, and I thought maybe you’d pay them and let us enjoy ourselves. Yah, right, not in this lifetime, I know, I know. Just kidding, Mom. Love ya.
After lunch, Paulie and I went to the pool. It was finally warm enough to go in (above 80 degrees, my rule) and it was at least 82. There were a few puffy white clouds in the sky and a wonderful breeze. We swam a bit and then sat in the Jacuzzi. It was wonderful. Someone remarked, “Another day in paradise.” I just have to agree. Now, if I had a tall gin and tonic with a wedge or two of lime, it would be my idea of paradise. They don’t allow glass in the pool area (understandably so), so tomorrow I will just fill up my plastic water bottle up and go back, Hehehe. When we got back to the rig Grandpa said he was sick the entire time we were gone.

After the afternoon at the pool, Paulie and I went to the nearby Walgreens to get some Crème de Cocoa. They were out, gosh darn it. No martini for me today. We bought Grandpa (who are we kidding here) some gin and tonic. Back at the rig, Grandpa was feeling much better and he made himself and me a gin and tonic. Paul started dinner. Sitting in the lounge chairs looking at the lake was very relaxing. This is really a pretty resort. Too bad we won’t be back. Well, that’s not entirely true. While at the pool a woman asked me if we were “renters”. Hmmm, did I look that out of place among these people. She made a lucky guess as she has a site that she informed me that they rent out for most of the year. By not going through the sales office, she saves the 20% commission. Slick eh? Her site is 5023 or something so I am thinking it’s not on the lake but near the golf course. We’ll drive by later and check it out. I think that we are on the most beautiful lot in the resort. This owner must have $30 grand in landscaping. I think I mentioned before that the owner owns a Prevost, yanno the ones that cost over $1 mil? It is very beautiful and is very private.

We ate a nice dinner of BBQ chicken, corn casserole (made on the grill outside) and Caesar Salad. We watched a bit of TV and then turned in. I really hate Eastern Time. All of my favorite shows come on at 10 p.m. followed by the 11 o’clock news. That’s way too late for me.



Saturday January 21, 2006
Naples Day six

We had another beautiful day here. Slightly windy but in the mid 80’s by afternoon. Paul and I took the laundry to the club house. We did three loads and while waiting for the wash cycle to end, took a dip in the pool. After moving the clothes into the dryer we went back into the pool. Finally all the clothes were dry and folded so we went back to the pool for a final dip. I had brought my orange “water noodles”, so I just floated away the day. It was very peaceful. The clouds moved in and we abandoned the pool for the warmth of the Jacuzzi. Back at the rig, Grandpa had taken a nap and felt a bit better than he did earlier. He was fishing and smoking a new stogie. (He keeps telling us…”These are the last cigars I am going to buy, after I smoke these, I quit.”) I think we have heard these same words at least 20 times. I say, if he enjoys the cigar, smoke it. What else in life does one at almost 90 years old do to enjoy life? If you can’t enjoy a gin and tonic and a good cigar, a perfectly done steak and the love of a fat little dog named Pepe, what good is living?

We had brats for dinner. Paul had gone to the Publix grocery store (I think they should change their name to Rip Off the Publix because they have the most ridiculously high prices I have ever seen!). The delicious looking potato salad was a bust. Although it looked great it had the taste of old limp somethings…give me a minute and I will think of what it is it reminded me of.

We pull out tomorrow morning and head up to the Tampa area. We have a reservation at the Bay Bayou Camping Resort. They supposedly have free wifi, so maybe everyone can read about what we have been doing since the beginning of the week when I could post. *Sigh*. We will be meeting up with Hank and Elizabeth Kerr from our Cenois motorhome group for dinner. We really have enjoyed our week here. I would consider this place for a winter retreat IF we could afford it. Although the park is very tranquil and beautiful, the traffic out of the gated walls is positively atrocious.
Driving here is like downtown Chicago or LA. Fast and furious as the movie says. Add to this, there are OLD farts driving fast. I am surprised more old farts aren’t killed every day here. Geesh. Well, I will be able to post this tomorrow. Until then, sleep well.


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