The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, January 02, 2006

Packing Day

Whew, my tush is dragging! We worked very hard today. Of course, Bob Vila, er, Paul...decided to fix a dripping faucet in the motorhome bathroom. This was of course, after he dropped the lid of the crockpot behind the closet wall. I certainly am glad he does these things and not me...I'd never hear the end of it! This little fix-it took 4 and a half hours... 4.5 hours!!! He called all around town to find an RV supply store open. My suggestion to remove the faucet and take it to Lowe's was met with disdain and scorn. We finally went to Wally world about 4 pm and found a new faucet set! Imagine that...we got it at there nothing these people don't have?
Okay, I loaded most of the stuff, rearranged the cupboards, removed unnecessary items to have more space (do we really need 36 bath towels...I think not....), cleaned out the refridgerator that someone left diet coke in during severely cold weather... Thank goodness the fridge door was closed and contained the whole mess. (I can bet it wasn't me...I don't put coke in the fridge IN the paper carton....just guess who does this....) . .. packed all my clothes...cleaned up the foodstuffs leftover from the holidays. No wonder my hip, knees and lower back is killing me. I am heading to bed as soon as I get done here. I need a pain pill and some heat on the old hip. Hopefully, the shot I am scheduled for tomorrow will help.

Well tomorrow we will begin our much anticipated journey south. Stay tuned...I promise it will be an exciting trip, one way or another...



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