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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wed Dec 28th 2005

Well, I did accomplish some things today. Put away Christmas stuff, everything is gone except the tree. It is too heavy for me to lift so I have to wait until Paul and Zack get it in the box. I had to take a lot of breaks...what should be an hour job took me 4 hours to complete. I have to sit every few minutes and rest. Fibromalgia is a very frustrating illness. Oh well. The tree is still quite pretty without the ornaments. Once the tree is down we can clean house.Paul will say, what is this WE stuff...he and Zack will have to do most of the cleaning. I, being Queen of course, shall direct their efforts. I hate leaving a dirty house when I go on vacation. I made up my check lists for the general stuff for the motorhome and things I gotta do right away. We will have to be careful of what we take in the motorhome as it will be sitting in the hot Miami sun while we are on the ship. No refridgerator so that limits what I will be taking with regarding food. We want to be economical and not eat out on the way down. Smaller quantities of perishables is the answer I guess. PB&J, small half and half for coffee, bottled water, etc. I better get going on this...time is slipping right away from me. Plus we have to take Snickers and Pepe to the vet for shots and to get their records. I would hate to find out too late that the vet is off on vacation...Paul doesn't think there will be a problem. We'll see.

I pulled out the video camera and we took it in to the battery place. We had three batteries and two are bad. I wish I had gotten the camera out sooner I could have been taking movies all along. How did I forget we had the darn thing?

Zack left for a three day Bible conference in Peoria today. I think he will be home by Saturday. I hope so as we have a ton of stuff to go back to the storage unit. We would also like to put Grandpa's car in the garage while we are gone. Major cleanout needed for that. Just when you need some brute strength to get the job done, Zack is nowhere to be found. There appears to be a pattern here I think.

I have a ortho doc appointment tomorrow morning to have this right hip checked out. It is really bothering me.

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