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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just another Sunday...

That is what I wrote a week ago...

What a week. I was still quite ill and finally went to the doctor on Monday morning as a walk in. We were there almost three hours. My Doc thought that I had C diff colitis. Tests proved negative at the follow up on Wed afternoon. She plopped my tush in the hospital for tests. I had a CT scan of the abdomen, an endoscogy and then the most awful of tests, the dreaded colonoscopy. I recall my first scope and I felt nothing...was out. This time was different...I was NOT asleep and felt gosh awful pressure and real pain. A very ugly experience really. I then got dry heaves from whatever so called knock out drugs they used and thought I was having a heart attack. I just hate the hospital. The gastro doc took biopsies of my colon, said it was quite inflamed and called it "colitis". Hmmm. Guess we may have some answers early this week. I hope we can find something so I can get with a diet or medicine regimin that will help. I am still on flagyl and keeping my fingers crossed as I write this, have not had a desperate trip to the bathroom today.

We are now way behind schedule on cleaning out the remaining stuff from the mobile home and getting the stuff we no longer use out of the motorhome. OH,we did get kicked out of this was all my fault. I brought Lucy home three weeks ago and there is a one pet limit per unit. Oopsie. My bad. I really don't care, we were only going to be staying here for another month or so and then we were heading to Florida. I guess I just don't get the rule, it's really stupid. But, I must confess, I broke the rules and must suffer the consequences....oh woe is me lol!!!!

Well, that's about all I can write for now. Still very weak and want to rest. Take care...



Walter Mitty RV said...

I know this post is a month old, but where are you now? You mentioned Florida in one of the posts ... It sounds like you have not had a pleasant fall health wise. Hope things are better now. I like the new member of the family. Most RV Parks have a weight limit on dogs, so you would still be way under! I wrote a long comment on an old post ... temperature yesterday was 10F with 25mph winds gusting to 50mph. It is 5F with wind of 13 mph gusting to 22mph this morning. So, have to have something to do :)

We hope to be pointing the Albatross down the road soon. We hope to leave before Christmas this year. This weekend will be Christmas with Grandkids .. oh yes, there parents too.

Take care ... see you all down the road.

Dave B

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