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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Still not a lot going on here in the Valley. I did my first cake at my cake decorating class on Thursday. Here are some pictures.

The mistake I made was to make the nose pink...the one pix I have shows yellow(?) but should have done it black. It was a fun class...all the gal in it are Hispanic and they all slip back into Tex Mex when talking...kinda funny after a while...maybe I can learn Tex Mex at class!
Gave Mack a bath this morning...his front leg fur is still not growing in from his disastrous walk with Paul when leaving the keys. He looks a bit odd...but he is still a cutie. I just sent some pictures out on email, so here are some more.

It's hard to get him to stay still for a photo, so they might be a bit blurry.

Not doing anything this weekend, although I did want to go to Padre Island for the Sand Castle competition. Oh well.



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