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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Sorry about not posting yesterday. I had to work and then we did laundry. By the time we joined our fellow workampers for our "happy hour" it was almost time to go get changed for a VIP show we were all going to later in the evening. The VIP show was a "thank you" from the show for all that the ticket sellers, campground employees, resort and hotel employees and other locals do to help promote their show, called "SIX". We have recommended them based on word of mouth from our guests here at the park. They don't have a band; they don't use pre-recorded music; they sing aCapella and at least two of the brothers do vocals that mimic drums, violin, piano and all kinds of instruments. They are truly amazing. They are the performing six of 10 brothers. Can you imagine raising 10 boys? I can't even fathom it, much less do it. They dedicated the last few songs of the show to their Mom, who passed away at the young age of 52 from cancer. They had a touching video of the family through the years and of each of the brother's families. Great show, great entertainment, great bunch of guys who are talented, funny and very family oriented. This is only their second season in Branson, but have become one of the top acts mainly by word-of-mouth and repeat guests.

They had over $6 thousand in raffle gifts. I missed winning a flat screen TV by ONE number...I had 964880 and 964879 was called. Grrrrr. I couldn't win a cold with my luck.

After the show, we stopped and split a fresh blackberry cobbler with ice cream at a place that each time we have tried to stop has been closed. It was delightful. We got home and had to make the bed...did laundry earlier and didn't really have time to eat before the show much less make the bed. I hit the bed and was asleep in about 5 minutes. I could tell we were going to get hit by one heck of a storm as my ears were killing me. At 4 a.m. we were startled awake by a huge hail storm. Lightening struck the lot just across the made my fillings hurt it was so close to us! The rain continued throughout the night, occasionally waking me from my sound sleep. As I sit here writing this, it is thunderbooming and still raining. We weren't planning on anything today anyways. I guess we will watch the streaking Cubbies and watch NASCAR during the commercials. I have to get to Walgreens...several prescriptions are overdue filling...just haven't gone in to refill as I had a snag with my new health plan. Too long and irritating a story to tell, but I was actually without any insurance coverage or script coverage for almost two months. Thank goodness I had enough meds to get me through til June 1. But is was very, very close and I actually had to take only one Elmiron instead of the three daily like I am supposed to. Bad Dennise, I know. You do whatcha' gotta do...goodness gracious I didn't even tell the Prince. I don't need anymore lectures, plus he was against me switching to this insurance plan. HOWEVER....we are saving $550 a month on just ME, a supplemental plan really!!! CIGNA is the worst insurance company to deal with and they never covered anything I said, was supplemental and only had to pick up 20% of what Medicare didn't...grrrr. OK enough of insurance woes, everybody has problems with something.

Well, off we go in the rain to Walgreens.


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