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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, April 04, 2008

I am not a happy camper, pun intended, this morning. I went to my Flickr page to upload some photos, and I have used up all my free space. Drats. They want $25 per year to keep using it. Crap. Crap. Crap. I am checking out Snapfish to see if they have limits. I suppose I could delete the older stuff but I like having the pictures on line. I have them all on backup disks, but that is a PIA to find a particular photo.

Paul is off playing shuffleboard with granpda. The numbers are dwindling here this week...everyone is going home for either taxes or for the summer. Hmmm. Today Paulie and I have a birthday. We have decided no cake...we are going to go to Corpus Christi for the weekend. We have scheduled grandpa's tandem sky dive for tomorrow, Saturday at 4 p.m. up in Beeville. That is about 50 miles north of Corpus Christi. We had bonus points from the credit card and got two free rooms, and we will have not only a video of him jumping, but also about 60 photos. The photog will jump with him and the guy he's tandeming with. I can't wait to write about it. I keep trying to convince him to take the dog, and stick his body in the jumpsuit and let his head stick out. We could be rich if the tongue flies outta his face and streams upwards in the jump...America's Funny Home Videos here we come! I am going to put a part of the video on You Tube. "91 year old man skydiving"...look for it!

We have accepted a workamping position in Branson MO. Well, Paul is gonna workamp. I will prolly just do a few hours a week in the office. They have promised this would not be a problem if Paul did most of the work. We have to give them 24 hours of work for a free full hook up campsite. Considering in areas like Branson, full hookups are about $60 a day. Of course weekly and monthly sites are less, but nonetheless, primo in a vacation destination.
We will be getting show tickets that are either free or deeply discounted...this way when folks ask what is a good show, we can recommend our favorites. The campground is called Branson's Shenanigans RV park. Here is the web page:
It is a small 40 slot site so I think we will get our feet wet slowly. We had posted our "resume" on and we had 40 potential employers view our info and got 12 offers for interviews. I think that was pretty good, this late in the season. Most campgrounds in vacation spots line up workers sometimes a year in advance. Interesting biz, working for a camping spot. All the govt parks, state, local and national are non-paying and ask for about 32 hours of volunteer work for the host position with full hookups. Same for the Corps of Engineers. But they have the best camping spots, mostly west of the Mississippi. Private campgrounds require like 10 to 12 hours per person for the hookup and then pay $ per hour, ususally minimum wage, for hours after that. But who wants to work 35 to 40 hours a week. We are retired for cripes sakes. This gig will allow us to enjoy Branson for a couple of months with the benefits of the reduced show costs. We would never get to see that many shows or stay long at $60 bucks a day. Plus, we can eat at home, forget those stupid buffets. Eeeewww, they all suck. We will journey to San Antonio on the 16th for Paul's appointment with the VA, then head north. Gee, what to pack? It still is COLD in MO in April. Ick. Paul is confident he can work the job for at least 4 months. We are committed til Sept. 15th. His hip bothers him, but he wants to do the Branson thing. Who am I to argue?

Well, I need to go to the doctor and have some crappy test to see how much urine I can hold with out losing it. Betcha ALL wanted to know that right? TMI.

BTW, it is warm and sunny here...has been all week...beautiful breezes. Perfect weather.


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