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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Finally made it to the Elks club in order to upload...yesterday, Tuesday was another lost day due to weather conditions...don't know what's up, my problem being the weather or just a drawn out Meniere's episode. Argh.
I wrote this Monday evening if my memory serves me correctly...

Some catching up is in order here….

Hank and Elizabeth Kerr arrived Thursday afternoon while sleeping beauty here was napping. Elizabeth looked over the restaurant stuff Paulie had brought over and decided we should dine at (I think I remember the name…) LesMarket? Upon arriving, the place was hopping…it seems everyone arrived at once. The menu was so interesting…crepes, pananni sandwiches, duck salad (!) and all kinds of stuff. I ordered the pananni of the day, which was roast beef, Paul and Elizabeth had the Burgundy Beef crepe and Hank had a chicken crepe with a Mexican twist I think. The food was very good and although the service was just so-so we had a great time. After dinner we walked around the little shops area and then headed back to the campground. Paul had brought a peach pie earlier, so we all sat in one of the four-seater swings and ate peach pie. Can’t get better than that.

Friday, Cenois members started arriving and setting up. Paul and I went to town for an hour to do some shopping…I wanted to check out the little health food shop and of course the bakery I remembered from past visits to Galesburg. While at the bakery we saw the most beautiful cherry pie…since I was feeling kinda iffy at this point a cold front and rain was predicted, I told Paul to buy the pie so he didn’t have to make what I had planned to make for the potluck, if I wasn't up to it. Thank goodness I can predict storms with pinpoint accuracy thanks to my radar ears and make alternate plans. The club usually has dinner out the first night of our weekends so dinner was at the local American Legion for all you could eat walleye or a full catfish dinner. I started getting freaky at the place while we were dining as it was so, so, SO loud in there. By the time we got back my head was throbbing, I was doing the MM spins and needed to lie down. I went to bed and didn’t get up until SUNDAY. There was a huge storm system passing thru, followed by a cold front. Crap. That’s all I can say is crap. I missed the entire outing on the lake the wagon master’s had planned for Saturday, missed the cookout and potluck, missed visiting with everyone. It sucked. I finally emerged from the kingdom of Dizzi-dom Sunday morning and had a few minutes to visit with the club members for breakfast and our usual fellowship meeting. Paul had pretty much packed up the rig whilst I lay unconscious and we were ready to get back on the road.

We headed north on I74 and caught I80 all the way into Orland Park. We were going to spend the night in a hotel using some Choice Privilege bonus points…there are NO campgrounds anywhere near Chicago. We checked into the place, unhooked the car and headed over to my aunt’s house for a mini-family reunion. We had a nice visit. Just family stuff, nothing really interesting…no family secrets to divulge. We left about 9:30. Believe it or not, we both had rather fitful sleep…we missed our rig bed! Even though we are going to get a new mattress soon, we still are more comfortable in the rig. Wow. I did however enjoy the looooong hot shower I had Monday morning. We met Mom and Cecil for breakfast (the freebie at the hotel). They were off back home to Rochester and we were once again headed north to Muskegon Michigan. The weather was nasty the entire way up and boy it’s a bit nippy up here too. The Elk’s front parking is full the other section being the seasonsals…only one open spot after we pulled in and parked. The wind is blowing off the lake and if its 70 that’s warm. Paulie anchored down the hatches and I took some more silly pills and took another nap. Just call me Rumplestilskin.

We have absolutely NO phone signal so I will have carry the ‘puter around with me for two weeks. So, I guess daily updates are not gonna be daily unless I can figure something else out.



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