The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, August 06, 2007

The graves of Emma(wifey #1) Joseph and Hyrum long last in a proper grave...
More missionaires doing a recreation was 98 degrees, I bet they wished their mission was in the air conditioned museum!

Robert Smith's grocery store which he had to rent out when his flock didn't pay their bills...and if he challenged them, they left the so prophet and lousy business man.
Statue of Robert and Hyrum Smith overlooking the Mississippi River near the "saints" memorial from the Sweetwater Rescue Mission.

This is a model of the temple in Nauvoo...quite beautiful but only "saints" who have been yearly reviewed by the elders can enter the temple and they must wear special no Boxers Joes allowed....

Charlie and Sam our Belgian tour guides
one of the original restored(actually they are all) recreated

This is a "missionary duplex" where all the folks on their mission stay...

This was the ONLY interesting thing in Hannibal...don't waste your time or is not worth the price...
More to come from our adventures on the Mississippi ferries....
paul and dennise

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