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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elkhart, Indiana-RV Capitol of the World

As pilgrims flock to Jerusalem, so do RV'ers flock to the RV industry's mecca here in Elkhart. Here is where RV's are made, many companies claiming the world renowned Amish quality in their rigs because many Amish folks are part of the industry workforce here. There are numerous dealers claiming special "factory" pricing, a bunch of salvage and replacement part stores and just a "few" after-market places selling awnings, satellites, etc., etc., ETC.!

We had a uneventful trip from Muskegon using Rt 31 almost the entire way. We avoided the tollway and went parallel on Rt 20. We hit 19N about 3 pm which must have been the change of shifts at the RV plants as traffic was incredibly heavy. We found our campsite(we are WAY in the back of the property...) and proceeded to set up our little house on wheels. It's about 4:30 and Paulie wants to take a stroll around the campground, I decided to take my siesta. The weather is beautiful and sunny and in the mid-70's.

So, here we are at Elkhart Campground...all 450 sites will most likely be filled by tomorrow for the big holiday weekend. Add to that all the vendors for the upcoming Escapade are here, prepping for the big event that starts on Sunday the 9th. There are several pre-Escapade rallys, for both local and national chapters of SKPs....we are here for the Elks rally that starts the 5th. There is also a Full Time RVer get together...we are the "class of 06".

We finally cooked the smoked brats we got for our $1 deal in Amana for supper. Paulie had gone checking out stuff and found a grocery store...he bought some coleslaw and potato salad to go with the brats. I didn't care for them, maybe 'cause they were smoked...I like fresh ones, parboiled in beer and onions then tossed over the hot coals to crisp up. We finally came in from outside when at dusk, I became a human sacrifice to the local mosquito's who have been waiting for me...somebody must have let them know ahead of time, darnit.

Don't know what we will be doing tomorrow...I am gonna look up some stuff on the net and see what's our best option for tomorrow. This will be a very busy week here and then in Goshen.



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