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Sunday, July 29, 2007


As my favorite TV character would say..."holy crap". Once again its almost a week since I've posted. Such an exciting life we have lead this week. We met Mom and Cecil for lunch on Tuesday. They were leaving for NY on Wednesday. We were both out of town for her 75th birthday so I had a little gift for her and a card.
We met at Panera's their favorite lunch time spot. She told me that she was having some pain that started up near her rear end and shot all the way down her leg. She said it had been happening more frequently and when they got back from NY she would go to the doc. I told her three long days in the car driving to NY was going to do just wonders for that type of problem.

Later that evening, Cecil called and said he was taking her to prompt care...she couldn't get out of the car or walk. Zack and I met them at Prompt care...the doc in the box thought it was bursitis and gave her a shot and some anti-inflammatory.

Wednesday we visited the Lincoln Museum. Quite impressive I must say. All three of us thoroughly enjoyed it, altho it was jammed with tourists. Lots of kids from the rodeo, which was good to see.

Thursday morning we get a call from Cecil...Mom is in terrible pain and can't get out of bed. We tell him to call 911 and take her to St. Johns. Instead, he goes to Memorial. Big mistake. I left around 11 because Zack has his follow-up surgery appointment in Clinton at one. In the meantime, Mom has not even seen a doc, just nurses and a PA. Finally, the doc comes in, orders and Xray and around 3 they leave the ER after 6 hours. It is not bursitis it is sciatica. She gets another shot and gets more meds. Paul had stayed with them, gotten them lunch, got them settled at home, went to get the meds and some food. Since their trip was canceled, they had gotten rid of most of the stuff in the house to eat, so they had very little in the house .

Zack's appointment went well, and his total loss according to the scale in the doc's office was 28 lbs. I had figured more since it appeared on the scale at the hospital that he had lost about 26. I guess one is more forgiving that the other?

Friday was another uneventful day, Zack was still feeling the effects of the surgery(I told him it takes more than a week to recover from major surgery and anesthesia. We went out for an early dinner at Mike's and then went to the movies to see Hairspray. The boys liked it...I thought it was so so. Travola was creepy and his makeup was phony to me anyways. Plus he sang in his lower regular voice and spoke in this falsetto....ick.

Saturday was a bad day for me so Paulie took Zack back to Edwardsville. He has to go back to work on Monday, and work I think he said something like 12 days in a row...11 hours a day. Of course, at the job he has at the putt putt place, he reads, watches movies and plays video games. Hmmm...some job eh?
He is doing very well with his food choices, and low and behold he no longer inhales his food. He actually chews...he could only eat 1/2 cup of chili and about 1/3 of a cheese potatoes or toast, just eggs and a bit of cheese. He seems to be very determined. I can see the weight loss...his face looks thinner. I can't wait until he gets to go down a size...that is always a positive to keep going.

I was up at 6:30 am (yes, you read that right....) so I decided to go out and get the newspaper. I watched CBS Sunday Morning and then got out the maps and attraction books for our trip to Pere Marquette State Park and the Great River Road Scenic Road. We will leave here Tuesday and our first stop will be a bit west of Peoria to go to Dickson Mounds. I have never been there. We think we'll hit Navaoo, Alton, Grafton and then Cahokia Mounds. We are going to stop at a few MO vineyards also. Should be a nice leisurely trip. We don't head to Michigan until the 20th.



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