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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 21, 2007


We all heard the really bad storm last night…thunder and lightening all around. I was wide awake by 5 a.m. and really had a hard time going back to sleep. Paul finally got up with Grandpa around 8:30….I got up around nine.
Paulie made grandpa his famous “eggs with the stuff inside” (an omelet of course) and I had an English muffin with tea. My whole system seemed upset so I laid down for awhile and finally headed to the bathroom. All hell broke loose, but boy did I feel better afterwards. Around 12:30 I finally badgered Paul into going out. Someplace…anyplace…just to get out in the beautiful weather. We drove around a while, reacquainting ourselves with the Muskegon area. We decided to find the Olde World Deli and have a late lunch, early dinner at the smorgasbord. Well, with the help of the nagging voice inside the gps we found it without any problems. However, they are remodeling and making it a deli/pub kinda place. The smorgasbord is only on Friday and Saturday nites. Crap. We did split a “polish plate” of crepes, pirogue, sauerkraut with white sausage, and cabbage roll, and a brat plate with fries. We were all stuffed and brought some home. Three people can’t eat two luncheon plates.

After lunch we rolled ourselves off to WalMart for some groceries. We really hadn’t gone in at least a week and a half and we were out of basics:
Cookies candy and chips. Just kidding. We did bring back a ring of fresh polish sausage to grill one day. After cruising the aisles for an hour we go to check out. One check out open….all the self checks open. I get behind one lady in the check out line that has ONE measly ice chest in her basket. Paul insists we go to the self check. OK. Mr. Know-it-all. The kid in front of us is trying to put thru an expired gift card and 10 minutes later they come and help him do whatever he needed to do. The lady I got behind with the cooler has now since left the store and is probably pulling into her driveway and we are just now starting to scan. Ugh. Self check out is fine for a few items…not a week’s worth of groceries. *sigh*. The polish prince just seems awfully dense sometimes, like he still is in the Black forest hunting antelope.

After arriving back at the rig, all three of us nod off and nap. I am now sitting out under the awning. It is a beautiful cool evening. I am able to get a signal so hopefully I won’t have any problems posting this to the blog. I still have pix to download and then get up on line. I will wait until I am in the car and getting a strong signal to try that though.

Not much else happening. Grandpa and I will visit Larry and get our hearing aides checked tomorrow. Don’t know what else we will do, but I am hoping maybe we can go to Grand Haven or someplace close for the afternoon.



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