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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday June 18, 2007 continued…

Well, I took more than a potty break, sorry. When I got up, Paulie was hungry so I gave him some leftover burger from lunch yesterday. I passed…it didn’t appeal to me at all. By the time we finished our lunch (I will not reveal what I ate for lunch, suffice to say it wasn’t on my eating plan…), we were turning off the highway to get to the campground. It only took about 20 minutes to park and another 20 to set up. By this time I was really hurting and exhausted (so what else is new you ask?) so it was nap time for me. Paulie continued to set up the outside of the rig and put the awning out. He started putting together our new grill which will probably take him a while. I woke up about six and made us some pork tenderloin tips in au jus, (the Bob Evans precooked stuff) took some mushroom gravy and made dinner with the rest of the leftovers I had from the Cenois pork dinner. It really was a throw together dinner and it showed…it really sucked. Ah, well, I tried.

Anyways back to our long narrative. Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, dry camping at Camping World. We checked in with Dustin early and were off for the day. Zack would be coming in about 1:30 pm and we didn’t want to disrupt Jane and Carl’s morning schedules so we had some time to kill. I decided to explore IKEA. The Polish Prince was not so happy, but I want to add some racks for stuff in the kitchen, so he obliged without too much hassle. We walked the entire building and didn’t find anything to go with the measurements I had written down weeks ago. Paulie said he will re-measure when we get back to the rig. OK. So we headed out south to Orland Park. We stopped for some gas and before we knew it, were greeting Aunt Jane. Carl had taken a short trip out to the computer store.

We had a great visit and had some finger sandwiches and Aunt Jane’s fabulous apple slices. She was not happy as she felt the crust was tough because she had frozen it. I thought it was great. Paul left to get Zack (although we didn’t KNOW he left…I was in the bathroom and I think Jane was cleaning up the kitchen and he just left….hmmmmm.) Carl returned and had some lunch. We watched the Cub game for awhile and Zack and Paul came in from the airport. Aunt Jane heated up some Italian beef and we are again! We all visited for a while, and decided to view the pictures on my computer on the big screen TV. It took a while to get it set up…We looked at all kinds of pictures. Paul finally got a call back from Camping World; the rig was ready to pickup. It was about 4:30. Zack and Paulie left to get the rig and get it set up at the RV park at the Empress Casino, then drive back to Aunt Jane’s to get me and then go back to the Casino. This is just the beginning of a long sad tale of poor customer service, idiot technicians and short tempered Polish Princes. Long story takes Paulie and Zack almost two hours to get from Orland Park to Bolingbrook; Kingdome satellite installed. Not getting all channels. Paul has conniption fit. Techs all gone home for the evening. To calm irate Paulie, Camping world promises tech will be at rig 8 am. Paul livid. Paul gets CW to reconnect electric so kitty doesn’t die in heat. Paulie and Zack now tired and hungry…call me at Aunt Jane’s and I get an earful of stuff I can’t make heads nor tails of. Sigh. Paul and Zack go eat, Aunt Jane and I continue gabfest. Paul and Zack arrive, sweep me out the door and we head back to Camping world for the night.

Saturday morning….tech doesn’t show up till 9. Paul livid. Tech fixes problem. We hitch up and go to breakfast. Afterwards we head to RV park. Paul and Zack go to casino. Dennise takes short nap. Paul and Zack comeback and we all shower and get ready for party. We are one and one half hours late. Have great time at party. Dennise has too much to drink. We eat, drink and are merry. We leave at 2 am.

Sunday…Dennise sleeps in all day. Boys go out to eat, go to casino. We meet Karen, Mike and Sean Kraus, John, Eugenia and Johnny Morgan at Fuddruckers. We have great dinner and great conversation. After dinner we meet with Laurie at Bakers Square. After a nice visit, she and Zack take off…she will drop him off at Kathy’s house so they can take him to the airport Monday night. Paulie and I head back to the rig at the casino. Dennise goes to bed. Paulie goes to casino.

Whew…it was getting very long winded and I needed to cut the fluff. Now you are all caught up! And so am I, thank goodness! Keeping a blog is fun but if you miss a day, you have lots of writin’ to do!

I will try very, very hard to update daily since I have aircard/cellphone access. I don’t have to drive to Barnes and Noble like I did last year, LOL!

Looking forward to tomorrow…we have no plans except to do some laundry and hit the grocery store. Gene will arrive on Wednesday I think. The pod was unloaded down in Weslaco and picked up today. Whew, at least that part of the equation worked! Now, all we need is the settlement check from the house to pay off all the stuff we have been using the plastic for!

Take care, and lots of hugs


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