The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tuesday continued….

We arrived at Auntie Avril’s around one p.m. Our GPS was having spasms of some sort and kept wanting us to get off on exit 127 and I know that it should be 129. We followed the voice on the GPS and made a nice big circle around Lebanon. Jeesh. We were right back on I44 and just a bit frustrated. We stayed on I44 and then exited at 129…there was Wal Mart and the Ice cream store like we remembered. Grrrrr.

She must have been waiting since 7 am. We had a nice visit while she cooked the pork loin Peggy had dropped off. We laughed and talked all afternoon. Finally, Peggy got there about 5 and we headed for the farm. Peggy and David have named it the “Economical Farmette” which is a standing joke…Peg had to go back to work to keep it running as she so aptly states…”it costs money to feed these ‘pets’. “They have goats and chickens and a few guinea hens to keep the tick population down. It is a lovely place and her house is very beautiful. She has a love of antiques and has many fine pieces around her home. I had never met David and it was fun to finally meet him. He took Paul and me to see brand newborn baby goats. They are so cute. Goats are very curious and were climbing all over the ATV’s and jumping in the feeding troughs. The twin babies were still “wet” meaning their Mama was still trying to get them cleaned up and standing in order to nurse. I guess that’s what she was doing. (She sure looked fine after popping out two babies…I remember what I looked like after Zack and I certainly didn’t look that good.) It was raining and freezing out so Paulie and I headed back to the house. David and Peg have several Great Pyrenees dogs as goat herders and protectors and one had developed a hot spot which required the vet to shave off her back end of hair. While they tended to her, Auntie, Paul and I sipped on some local wine while dinner was in the oven.

We hod wonderful pork loin roast marinaded in orange juice of all things; rosemary flavored sweet and white potatoes; steamed broccoli, and Auntie made wonderful brownies and lemon bars for dessert. It was delicious.

After dinner we just talked about folks and things and Paul and David talked trucks. We did get to see Lisa Gibbons get kicked off Dancing with the Stars…should have been Clyde the Glide…he’s just to damm tall and awkward to be any kind of dancer. Plus his partner is a real peanut….how stupid is this?

We said our goodbyes around ten, as Peggy has to get up around 5 a.m. to get ready to teach school. David gets up and works the “farmette”. It was quite dark when we drove home, but we made it. Paul and I headed to bed in the rig and hit the sack without even turning on the news or anything.


We were up around nine and as Paul readied the rig for our last leg home, Auntie made us breakfast of bacon and eggs. After we ate we talked for a while and finally around 11 we pulled out. It is so hard to say goodbye to family that you love dearly. I miss her already! It was great to see all the Texas and Missouri relatives that we rarely have a chance to visit. There is something somehow wrong with not seeing a cousin or part of your family for 30 years. Yes, we do keep in touch with Christmas cards and such, but really getting to know family…well, life just gets in the way unless they are close at hand. Sad…but we like many folk have family all over the place and it’s just hard to make a trip when other things crop up. That’s why I am looking forward to RVing almost full time. I can look up old friends, relatives and new friends during our travels.

Well, after we left Lebanon, we headed northeast thru St. Louis and arrived in Edwardsville around 3. Zack has class til 4:15 and he will probably go home and change then drive to meet us. We parked in the Wal Mart lot near the campus. We noted no overnight parking signs, so I guess we will head home after our visit with junior.

We went to Lackawana something or other for dinner. Paul and I split prime rib and Jr. had a steak. It was a delicious dinner and we enjoyed visiting with Zack. I just don’t know how much I miss him until he’s sitting across the table from me! In another year or so he will be off on his own, teaching someplace. Well, our home on wheels will visit him often.

We had to co-sign some lease papers for this apartment for Zack and his friend/roommate Greg Eddings. Neither make over $1500 a month so the management company requires both kids to get parents to co-sign. I hope I don’t regret this…I am sure he will honor his promise and continue to work next year. Heck, if he works Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the country western bar, he will have plenty to make his rent…it is only $325 and then about $50 for electric and internet. The boys have already paid the deposits and have even purchased the washer and dryer the previous tenant’s parents had bought for the kids in the apartment. This way they can save a bit on laundry costs…$1.50 per load plus at least .75 cents for a dryer. Zack already took the pizza oven we had at home. He will be taking Grandpa’s leather loveseat and recliner, and his favorite recliner that Paulie had been using from his old room. It is tattered and unbelievably hideous but they both just love the damm thing. I will give him pots and pans left over from Grandpa’s place plus some extra dishes and silverware I have. We are set in the rig and also in the Valley.

We left Edwardsville around 8:30 and arrived at the Ziaja homestead around ten. The wind was terrible and Paulie had stiffened up in his shoulders trying to keep the rig on the road. We pulled into the drive and just parked the rig. We plugged into the garage and went to bed. We are home.



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