The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Well, our trip to Padre Island with Barb and Arnie was cancelled. We were underway and almost to Harlingin when I got sick. Paul and grandpa had similar problems earlier in the morning with the stomach ickies, I guess mine was just a bit later. We stopped at a What-A-Burger, but the bathroom was kind gross. Paul just called Arnie and said we couldn't make it. They were also having some difficulties so I guess it was just fate. When we got home, I planted myself in the bathroom. I really was glad we had come home. I didn't want to feel this terrible while playing tourist.

Paul and grandpa decided to check out and play with the GPS and find the place that will be doing the Tuff coat on the rig tomorrow. I laid down for a while (that is between bouts in the bathroom). When they got back, Paul started up the motorhome and moved it closer to the house. We started staging things yesterday and started putting it in the rig today. Clothes, food stuff, my knitting, and some of the small appliances we had taken into the house. Tomorrow when Paul gets back from Brownsville with the rig all spiffied up, I will load the rest of my stuff. Can't do without toothbrush, meds, etc. So that is last minute stuff just as the computer is last minute. Gosh, I hope we don't forget something important. Like my keys or some such thing.

Hopefully departure will be Tuesday morning. I think we should prolly make San Antonio. I really would like to spend a couple of days there...I have never been to the famous Riverwalk or even the Alamo. I'll see what Paulie wants to do when we are actually on the road; I don't think it will matter to Aunt Karen when we get to Borger. Besides, Wednesday is our birthday and I think since we had such a bust for our anniversary, we could use a celebration. we have a lot to do, and I guess I am just anxious to get started and move on.

I'll post more tomorrow with an update.



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