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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday...Fly away day

Paulie got on his flight to St. Louis today. It is very quiet around here without him. Hmmm......

Sorry about not posting for a while. Not much is going on. We are just waiting for the ok to move into the new place. We will most likely stay here until at least the end of is grandpa's birthday on the 31st yanno. The weather has been hit and miss around here, of course 64 is a whole lot better than the 8 Zack reported in Edwardsville. Paulie actually put on long pants for his trip. Grandpa and I made it back from Harlingen after dropping off the Prince...and hey, we made it home all by ourselves. Gee, ya think we can make it without the boss for a few days? We may not cook, but heck that's no biggie as far as I am concerned. I need to go to McAllen tomorrow to pick up a prescription for my fibro muscle relaxers. They really seem to help me sleep. I guess I will have to get my butt into the doc's when we get back in town and get the yearly script...they are pretty pricey as are the cymbalta. BUT, they work so that's what I hafta do I guess.

I am trying to keep my big mouth shut about the furniture in the new house. It'll take me awhile to get rid of some of the really fugly stuff. Problem is, the two pollacks think its fine and dandy was FREE!

I am not sure how long it will take Paul to drive from Springfield back to here. It is like 1400 miles so for him I think he'll try it in two days. I made him promise me to stop when he gets tired but yanno he does fib every now and then.

I am currently working on Zack's denial for his lap band system surgery. These yahoo rat bastards at Cigna are truly the bane of my existence. They lay out the rules for surgery and say he doesn't meet the criteria....cripes he's done EACH thing they have demanded....well, he didn't lose any weight, but if that was the case as in all the diets he's tried (along with me and Paulie) he wouldn't NEED the freakin' surgery right? Dufus'....all of them, dufus'. Or is that dufi when they travel in packs?

Grandpa went to the dance last night by himself and seemed to enjoy himself. I am glad he will have made some friends here. Uncle Ben will go to MO in April but most likely be back by late summer. He likes it here too.

Wellllll....I just heard from the Prince, he has landed at STL and Zack is there waiting for him. They will drive to Springfield and stay at the motel 6 or whatever since the water is turned off at the house. It won't take long for him to pack up grandpa's car, there isn't that much room. Knowing him, he won't spend another $ on the motel so he'll be back on the road Wed night.

If anything exciting happens I will sure post it right away...don't hold your breath tho...this is the land of slow moving Tejanos and the rest of the population is over 89 so there ain't much going on. Well, if you count the ambulences coming in and out of the park or the fisticuffs at the club meeting about how the addresses should be posted in the directory...we do have a few things to observe.



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