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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday December 7, 2006

Well...I was up for once at 7 a.m. Wanted to go shopping after sampling the infamous $3.00 breakfast at RanDee's which is only available until 9 a.m. Took a shower, woke up Paul so he could take a shower, and go in to rouse grandpa. He is famous for getting up five minutes before us and then asking us if we were going to sleep "all day". So I say...."Grandpa, are you gonna sleep all day?" to which he replies...."I need to go to the doctor, I think my stomach hurts." So I go tell Paulie and we hustle out the door. The Care Center nurse gave us the name of a local doctor and called us in ahead of time. After filling out all the paperwork, they finally call him and its been an hour since we arrived. They had a full waiting room, and I guess they could just about get him in. I sit for another hour. Finally Paulie comes out and says its gonna be another half hour. They had given him an IV for fluids and to shoot him up with antibiotics. He also needs to get an X-ray. Finally, I go sit in the car so I don't catch something from all these germy sick people in the waiting room. After all this time, they finally get out...its 11:15 and we have not eaten anything yet. I did have a protein shake, but I am on the verge of a hypoglycemic problem. I do have peanut butter crackers in the glove box, but just as I reach for them, Paulie and grandpa get in the car. We are off to see if we can find a place to eat other than crappy fast food. We find a neat little cafe called the Whistle Stop Cafe. The boys got soup and chicken salad sandwiches and I had a Ruben. Pretty good for a Texan Ruben.

We head over to WalMart, to drop off the prescriptions and pick up a few things. I purchased a secret pal gift for my poor knitting guild secret pal. I am trying to find a box to ship it in. I have to listen to naggy PIA Paulie telling me its gonna cost a fortune to ship. Cripes, I missed the girl's birthday, the least I can do is get her a NICE Christmas gift. Jeesh. Men. Why don't they understand these things. I lose Paul at WalMart. He calls me FOUR times to check where I am. Good Lord....I'm running away with the checkout kid for chrissakes. I find a pair of jeans. I am down a pair that fit great when I had to go to the ER in Peoria...they cut the pants off. Plus, I am wearing old short miss's 14's and they are too big. I also buy a Santa hat for myself and some shower gel. As my legs are killing me, I call Paul and tell him I am checking out and would meet him at the door. I find grandpa and we wait for the big guy to finish shopping. From Walmart we go to the hospital for the X-ray. An hour of sitting in the car for me. Jeesh. From the hospital we go back to Walmart to pick up the prescriptions. While in line, the scooter store guy calls and we give him directions to our campsite. Back to Rainbow's end to unload and wait for the scooter fixer guy. We pull up to the rig and he is right there. Of course, we KNOW he doesn't have the part...he confirms...he will have to order and get back with us. Crap. This is getting old. A wasted trip as far as I am concerned. Oh well. Just after the scooter fixer guy leaves, a truck pulls up and a guy asks us if we still want to move into another spot. OK. we hurry up and unhook, pack in the slides and off we go. We are now in the main in and out area...we were at the Care facility lot and it was pretty empty and quiet. We finally get settled again...we will stay here until we pull out to go on the cruise next week. I like being around people. Plus, now I can access the internet legally. Yesterday I guess I was hacking into someone else's wifi system and I have a guilty conscience. Tangonet is the wifi service used here so I signed up just for one week, then we'll be off to Mexico. Well, so much for today. Paulie and grandpa are going to play poker tonight so I get the whole place to myself. I can watch what I want which is quite a treat for me.

I promise to take some pictures of the campground and facilities tomorrow.


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