The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Muskegon MI

Our second day here was spent doing errands. We did the laundry, did some shopping and other stuff. I was having some Meniere’s issues so I laid down for a couple of hours. Paul had made dinner and Suzie was over. We had a nice dinner, talked about all kinds of stuff and then decided to go to the beach to see the sun set over Lake Michigan. They refer to that here as “the big lake”. Well, I guess! Sue gave grandpa and me a mini-massage. It was wonderful. Lar’s brother is arriving in town from California this weekend for a visit, and he is a professional massage therapist. I can’t wait to meet him and ask him to do a fibromyalgia massage. I’ve wanted one for ages and maybe being a pro, he can give me some hints, or show Paul how to help me when I am really hurting.

We created another list of the things we forgot to get at the store. Geesh, I shoulda made a list yesterday but Paulie said we didn’t need it. Yeah right, senioritis is ever present (he is the worstest!) so I shant listen to him anymore. This way one trip does it!

Tuesday a.m. looks kinda crapy out, but a crapy day retired is better than any beautiful day working! (OK, sorry dear readers who still toil at jobs….).

Once again my hip is being difficult. It just doesn’t ever NOT hurt. Another call to the doctor to beg for pain killers. The darvoset does nothing anymore…even if I take two. Well, I’ll see when I talk to them if I can get something stronger.

I am posting some pictures we took last night. It was a beautifully cool evening but the sun was beautiful as it set.



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