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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day one continued…

Paul and Grandpa got back from the bank bearing gifts…Hardies chicken sandwiches. Paul and I split one and Grandpa ate only a half and saved his for later in day. He says traveling makes him hungry. Either I was starving or the food from Hardies has improved greatly. While they were off being financial wizards, I continued to make trip after trip to the rig with arms overloaded with stuff. I sure hope we haven’t overloaded this puppy…our CCC(cargo carrying capacity) is somewhere around 4000 pounds if I remember correctly from perusing the owners manual once. I really don’t think I am capable of carrying 4000 pounds of stuff, but one never knows! I am getting good at finding small out of the way spots to store stuff. The only problem I can foresee is that I won’t remember where everything is…

Grandpa is riding shotgun. This is ok. There is no need to even follow directions at this point. We are heading east across Indiana and then over into Ohio all the while on I74. But, once we get to Indy, I will take over and guide our hapless driver (!) onto the correct roads to get through the city. I am not sure how long we will travel today. I had originally hoped for Zanesville, but that was before we knew we would not be able to leave first thing this morning. We pulled out of the driveway exactly at noon.

Snickers is yowling something terrible. She should be used to this by now. She’s a seasoned traveling cat for pity’s sake. I think she just wants attention. Pepi the obese taco dog (I can’t spell his breed name) continues to mew and scratch the chair until I pick him up. I enjoy having him in my lap…in the winter so he helps keep me warm. Now, its 95 in the shade and this little heater of a dog just makes me all sweaty. Ick.

I am thinking of going into the bedroom. Naptime strikes on the road too yanno. It’s almost three and that is usually the time my brain decides it has comprehended just a bit more than it should and I get a headache, a bit dizzy and incredibly tired.

I will write more later, when there is something to talk about!


Day One continued…

We decided to stop for fuel and dinner around Dayton, Ohio. We found diesel at Meijers for $2.79 per gallon which was almost ten cents less than gasoline. Imagine. Me thinking almost three dollars a gallon is a bargain. My how the oil industry has brainwashed us! I recall thinking the same thoughts when gas went up to around two dollars a gallon…a $1.67 was a steal! We are such suckers. We should go burn a few post offices in civil disobedience just like Thomas Jefferson counseled us to do when we don’t agree with government actions or in this cast government inaction. Well, I am just kidding of course…but jeesh, where is this all going to end? OK, I promised no politics and I shall shut my bleeding heart liberal self off. I am on a road trip…no room for distractions, right?

We had a nice dinner at the Big Boy, north of I70. I had really good and crispy whitefish, Paul had the salad/soup/fruit bar and Grandpa had his usual spaghetti. Paul provided us with delicious fresh pineapple and very tasty watermelon. I could LIVE on fresh summer fruits. Too bad, they have so much fructose. Can’t do too uch of that, I go into diabetic coma if I eat too much.

We decided to stop at the Elks Dayton Lodge #58 to spend the night. We have all the Elks traveling books which provide information for RV’ers where the local lodges post any accommodations available for traveling Elks. Dayton was in the newest book so we made a side trip off I70 to the Lodge. We drove into a nicely paved lot and pulled around to the back section. We parked and then went in to the lodge. We met quite a few nice folks there and had a few drinks. Some lodges charge a “donation” but Dayton lets fellow Elks stay for free. By the time we had made a voluntary donation for the lodge’s favorite charity and had a few more rounds, it would up costing us about 20 bucks. I don’t have a problem with that, we had a great time. The local Elks were all very friendly and helpful.

We all staggered back to the rig (I should not say staggered, we were NOT loaded, just feeling good but I couldn’t think of a better word.) After Pepi the fatty went out, we all piled into our respective beds. I make Grandpa take the bedroom and Paul and I sleep on the fold out couch with a nice comfortable air mattress on top. Quite comfortable. I am not too enamored with the idea of Pepi the fatty on the air mattress with his sharp little fat toenails. So, Grandpa gets the bedroom and Paul has to use a potty can. Once the bed is out, he cannot get to the bathroom. Better him than me…men are built to pee into a can in my opinion.

Day Two….off to Columbus

We awoke about 7 a.m. local time. That’s SIX a.m. my time in case you wondered. I couldn’t open my eyes but the guys were up so I had no choice. I made coffee with tap water. EEEwwww. I never use tap water in beverages of any kind but we didn’t have bottled water. We do have a purifier on the faucet, but it still tastes nasty funky to me. I was surprised that it tasted ok. Paul and Grandpa had a donut, I had protein. We pulled out about 9 am. We are back on I70 speeding towards Columbus. I figure we have about 300+ miles to go so it will be early afternoon when we pull into Rocky Gap State Park. We will be about 10 minutes from Jan’s place. I called her at work since NO ONE called to return my messages from the last three days. I really hate those rotten snotty girls for not giving her the message or at least call me back. Don’t think I am gonna keep my trap shut when I see the three witches of the east. Their inconsiderate and rude behavior will certainly be dealt with. And they wonder why they don’t get birthday presents or hand knit gifts…they can’t be that stupid or can they?

Well. I guess I will log back on when I have something interesting to report.
I70 is about as exciting as I55. If we weren’t on a schedule, we’d take red roads and really see the country. Next time, we can mosey and take our time.



Day Two…somewhere in eastern Ohio near Wheeling WV

Since the boys had huge doughnuts for breakfast and I had a protein shake, they are tooling right along showing no signs of hunger. I, on the other hand, am sitting here drooling at the thought of some nice over easy eggs and some bacon. I pipe up that I am hungry. “But its only 10:30”, says my lifemate. Grandpa makes some remark about having just had breakfast. No, I reminded them both, YOU guys had breakfast, I didn’t. Besides foolish old men, it’s eastern time and it’s 11:30. Pfft. So we decide to get off when we see a McDonalds sign and a family restaurant place. I am thinking eggs, toast and bacon, ummm. No way is there a place for us to park. Paul turns into some side road which is a dead end and we have to crawl up on the grass in front of a grammar school. It’s a tricky turn and all of a sudden a warning beeper goes off on the supplemental toad brake boxy thing. We manage to get turned around and we head for an empty lot behind the BP gas station. Paul informs us that a wire had come loose from the tow bar. After fixing this, we get back on I70, heading for a place where we could park this little rig and toad. We see that there are a ton of places at the next several exits so we get off again. We lucked out and there is a mall with tons of fast food joints. We decide after much heated back and forth discussion that we will partake of Taco Bell. I am outnumbered again. I keep my muttering to myself realizing that the mouthwatering thoughts of nice hot breakfast goodies have fled . Tacos for brunch are not in my top ten. Oh well, I guess I can pick my battles. Across the way here is a UPS store, so I can go in there and connect to the net. I will upload there.



Day two saga continues…

Well, I found the only UPS store in the entire nation that doesn’t have wifi through SBC. Jeesh. I trudged across that immense hot parking lot for nothing. After getting back into the rig, we headed off to Maryland. It seemed as if it was taking forever to get there. It always seems longer going for some reason. We are having a bit of fun right now as I write this. We headed strait into a monster thunder and lightening storm. Just as we got to the top of a mountain, Paulie remembered he had left the sun roof and front windows open in the toad. So. We pull over and he jumps out to close windows. The rain is plastering us and just when things are testy enough, the windshield wipers decide to stop. Oh joy, coming down a mountain in a torrential rain storm and no wipers. As Rv’ers say, “what an adventure.” Poor Grandpa…if his beard wasn’t totally white when we started out, it certainly is now. Pepi the fatty was so freaked out he crawled underneath the cushions on the sofa. We are now about 10 miles from Rocky Gap so I will probably post more later.


Day two continued…Rocky Gap State Park, Cumberland, Maryland

After what seemed an eternity, we finally cruised past Cumberland, the Queen City, and made our way to Rocky Gap. We had some ‘splaining to do to the camp head-honcho type person. It seems that yours truly made the reservation for June 1, not today May 31. Oh my. Paul is just a bit on the cranky side. I straightened everything out, our site was available and we were checked in and off to find Ash loop, site #23. This is certainly not the type campground we are used to. Each site is very private and large. You cannot see neighbors on either side or in front. Quite primitive except for the 30 amp power source, thank goodness. We set up the rig and putzed around for a bit. Jan called and we made arrangements to meet for dinner. She immediately called back…dead car battery. I told Paul I would drive since I was familiar with the area so we piled into the car and headed back to Cumberland. We picked up Jan and Jordan (the middle one of the three witches of the east) and headed for Carmichaels for hot wings. Had a nice meal and then headed back to Jan’s place. We visited on the front porch for a while, but then fatigue set in for us and we headed back to camp.

We stopped at a local market for some cream for morning coffee, some bottled water and some breakfast muffins. We got back to camp and took a spin around the park, well what we could see at 9 p.m. at night. Rocky Gap has a beautiful lodge which houses three restaurants and a conference center. They have tons of kid activities and rent canoes, kayaks and stuff. Paul and Grandpa want to check out the lake for fishing and find out how much licenses cost. My goodness, it’s dark in this here place! Did I ever tell you that people with Meniere’s Disease can’t walk in the dark? Or on uneven terrain? And that this combination of uneven terrain and pitch dark can cause a person suffering from this malady to experience utter panic and freak out? I stumble several times, finally smacking right into the rig and get this LOOK from my better half. Just once, just once, I would like to trade places with my smug partner. Betcha he wouldn’t have that attitude long. After Paul unloaded the car, we settled into the rig. I try the TV clicker to catch the news. Hmmmm…TV won’t go on. I try the manual button on the front of the TV. Nothing. Deader than a doornail. This just makes Paulie’s day, let me tell ya. Sigh. Well, we are all going to bed to get a good night’s sleep. Maybe it will be a better day tomorrow.



Day three….Rocky Gap State Park

Well, the sun was shining this morning at seven. I decided to sleep a bit longer, but I think Paul was up and out of the rig by 8. He came back about 9:15 after hiking around to get his bearings. He also found the shower house, which is in the center of our loop so all sites can use it. He spoke to the folks in the campsite across from us. They have a beautiful Alpine diesel coach with a mid-door. The gentlemen said that there was quite a storm last night while we were out. Rain, lightening and lots of thunder. I did notice that the pavements were wet when we arrived back at the rig, and the windshield was wet and most of the bug carcasses where washed away. I woke up when Paul got back from his morning explorations. We talked for a while and then we got up and made up the bed. Grandpa was still sleeping so we let him be. I made some coffee. Paul got out the TV manual and determined that the on button was stuck. (I determined that last night, but I wasn’t about to tell him I already told him that!) He pulled the plug out from the receptacle and waited the two minutes suggested. He plugged the thing back in and viola! We had TV. We only have one station, but heck, gotta find out what is going on in the world!

Jan and Courtny got here while I was in the shower house. I had walked over there from the path just outside the rig. Almost took a tumble when I caught my big foot on a vine and it wouldn’t let go. I wonder how long I would have laid there on the path before someone found me if I had fallen? Anyways, when I got to the shower house, both showers were in use. I decided just sit on the john for a while. Jan and Courtny came in and thinking I was in one of the showers, Jan reached in and said “Can I wash your back little girl?” The woman was probably startled, said, “sure” and when Jan heard the voice apologized immediately. The other lady said “hey I don’t know you but you can wash my back too!” It was very funny.

We walked back to the rig and had some coffee and muffins for breakfast. Grandpa is not feeling well and after a short walk he went back to bed.

Jan and Courtny said goodbye and went home. Jan has to work tonight, 3 to 11. Then she is off until Tuesday, which is most likely the day we will take off for Duxbury, MA.

Paul and I will probably go up to Cumberland to the WalMart for some groceries. I think Grandpa will stay here as he said he is having bathroom issues.

I will post more later. Hopefully I can dump this at the McDonalds when we get into town.



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