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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Forsyth GA, just outside Macon

We have stopped for the night at the same KOA that we stayed in a number of years ago when we traveled south in the LaPalma with Zack to see my folks. I remember that we were close to the main office near the pool. The three of us went swimming. This is a good place to stop as it is far enough away from Atlanta that we will miss the terrible rush hour traffic in the morning. Paul is having a heck of a time getting the cable connection to work. I inquired at the desk and was told wifi was available. Yah, right. This is starting to honk me off just a tad. I cannot imagine being on the road full time and depending on wifi hot spots that are advertised. I think I would go bonkers. We are in the new area of the campground and there are only us and two other rigs here. It is a nice pull through site and the new shower house is about 50 feet away. As soon as we pulled in Oscar had to go out. Since Paulie was doing the hookups and Oskey was dancing around, I figured he must have to go pretty bad. I took him outside and he headed for that rich red Georgia clay that was nice and wet from the day’s rain. I pulled him back with all the strength I had and he stopped and pee’d in the road. Dufus. I can’t look at him in the eye, knowing that his days are numbered. I feel guilty….this is a DOG we are talking about, not a human. But furkids are just that- kids. I am like the caricature of a Jewish mother. Such guilt…jeesh! I think women in general have an extra guilt gene. It’s in our blood, our psyche. That gene then quadruples in size when a woman gives birth. This mutated gene continues to increase insidiously, silently getting larger in size as the child (or children…Mom’s with several children have even bigger problems with guilt genes, that’s a whole different situation of which the mother of an only kid can only speculate about) develop and grow older. Does a man get all misty eyed having to put a dog down? Nah…well perhaps some guys. Paulie is on the fence. I know that he doesn’t want to do it but we don’t have much of a choice. This is gonna bother me for a long time. When we put Sammie down, it was sad but it was the right thing to do to help him end his pain. I just have to believe that we really don’t have a choice. I don’t believe we can even chance Labrador rescue…this dog is really the proverbial ticking bomb. We have neighbors who have kids, and I just cannot imagine risking him going after one of the kids if one innocently goes into the yard or sticks his hand through the fence.

Well Paulie is back…some Gomer just came down from the office after Paul called and told them we were not getting any cable at all….you just can’t make up this stuff, yanno? Still no wifi signal. Fibbers…there is no wifi here…or maybe they need to turn the modem on?


Thursday evening-continued

Since the KOA here has expanded, they have added a Pizza kitchen to the main office. And they deliver. Free. Since we had pizza for lunch, Grandpa just finished his piece for dinner. Paul and I are not too hungry so we call up the pizza place and they also have mozzarella sticks and chicken bites. So Paul calls up and orders a one of each, sticks and bites. About 15 minutes later Gomer’s cousin Goober shows up with the order. They were delicious.
Now the cable was working, and we were full with great junk food. What else could we want? Grandpa fell asleep on the couch; he said driving all day just pooped him out, LOL! We watched Dancing with the Stars until CSI came on. Grandpa had to go to bed. We sat up and watched CSI and ER. At least tonight we have electric and we can keep the FURNACE on. Glory Be!

Friday morning at the KOA in Forsyth GA
February 3, 2006

I woke up this morning and could feel my face. Wow, what a rush! I made coffee and the guys took out the furkids for their morning duty walk. It is very warm here and the weatherman’s forecast indicates a high of 60 degrees. Wow, where has winter gone? I have noticed as I am sure most of us have, that there has been a change in our weather patterns. Mild winters and long humid hot summers. Drought in one part of the country and flooding in another. Odd? I suppose one could blame the ozone loss, but I think that we are just going through what the world does every now and then, change climates. Do we recall our history or Earth Science classes? The earth has changed a lot over the last gazillion years or so. We are just experiencing normal (hahaha) earthly changes, so why sweat it. I do think if I lived in California, I’d find another place to stake my tent. Just an opinion, of course. I do think that California will eventually be part of the Pacific Ocean floor, again, JMHO. Well, I guess I better get my buns outta this chair and fix breakfast. Yesterday, I had my great Kashi Go Lean Special, a concoction I created…cereal that normally tastes like cardboard, but the way I do it, is really good. Take the suggested serving size (one cup and I do measure!) a carton of low fat, no sugar added yogurt, and some thawed frozen berries from the bag (Wal-Mart, really good price, three berries version). Wahla! Healthy (fiber galore) sweet from the berries and yogurt for its great cultures. What more could a person ask for? I digress. Grandpa and Paulie had COOKIES for breakfast. Bad, bad, bad. I am making them eat something more substantial this morning. Listen to me. The nutrition guru. That’s a good one!

Well, we will eat, break down the rig connections and be one our way. Atlanta here we come! I sure hope all the cars have reached their destination and are off the road by the time we get there.



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