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Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday, Darien Illinois

Again, it has been too long since I have posted. I do have an excuse however. My laptop had a problem again. And it seemed just like yesterday that I decided NOT to renew the service contract which was almost $400 for only two years. I figured I could get a new one for a few more bucks. Well, once again, I am proven wrong. The power connection to recharge the battery is once again(three times over the life of the computer) broken. It is such a flimsy connection, I think that it is made that way to keep you buying new computers cause ya get tired of sending off your laptop! I recall Mike, my SoHo computer geek telling me that the power connection is the number one repair on all laptops. On Saturday I was helping the Knitting Guild teach beginning knitting (Peggy the chief of all knitting teachers wants me there all the time, as I am only one of a few in the guild who knit continental style which very simply is that the knitter holds both the left needle and the working yarn in the left hand, vs holding the yarn in the right hand and having to "throw" the yarn over the right needel...I know, ya gotta be there or know knitting hehehe....) Anyways, off I go to LLCC at 9 am Saturday, and on a local radio show are two computer geeks on their regular show. I call in, talk for about 20 minutes to these guys about my problem...missing two turns around Lake Springfield so mean while I am hopeless lost on these freaky streets that all end up at the edge of the lake. They also say if the computer is over three or four years, it will cost a ton to get it fixed. They did say that6 the info on the hard drive is fine, and there is a way geeks can take the stuff from one harddrive and put it on another. Thank goodness, I have lots of stuff on there since the last time I backed up. And this is my question of the day, what good is backup if the backup is stored on the hard drive?
So, after class I go home to tell Paulie all the knowledge I have gathered. Of course, he is not in the least interested. After a little nappie, Paulie and I go up to the Computer Deli store, and the kid gives us the name of some local geek who does this kinda work. He too tells me the cost may be not worth the amount as a new one with a new service contract would be the way to go. Ok so Paulie and I leave and spot a new candy and gourmet foods place right next door. We go in and I tell Paulie since he is such a good boy I will buy him a piece of candy. We purchase two chocolate cherries for Grandpa, a double chocolate truffle for me and a huge macadamia nut turtle for Paulie. $8 bucks for four pieces of candy. Paul gives me the look that would have turned me and Lot's wife into salt and hands me some money. After ooohing and ahing over my truffle we go to Best Buy to LOOK. Two hours and $1700 later we walk out a recipt for a new laptop. Paulie=irrated, Dennise=really hyeped!

On Sunday afteroon, I packed up the Vue to head to my sister Kathy's house in Darien. Her oldest boy, Enzo is turning 15. I remember his first birthday party, where did these last 14 years go? What a downer seeing these kids gowing up and maturing so fast. Just where does all the time go? Paulie is not happy that I am driving myself and I appreciate his concern. However, I can't live in a bubble ALL the time. Besides, if its my time to go, nothing is gonna change things right? I had no problems getting to Darien. We had a wonderful time, wonderful Chicago pizza and birthday cake, who could ask for more? I enjoyed seeing all of my brother in law's family, especially his mom, who I just love. She is the most WOMDERFUL Italian cook...I would cross many oceans to eat her cannoli!

I called Paul and he is still very very uncomfortable. Poor guy. I keep telling him that he will get better each day. He just gives me a look that if it could kill, i'd be six feet under. Putz.

Well, Kathy and I are going to is my first trip to Ikea and I am verrrrry excited. I just hope they have scooters as Kathy says it is huge.

Later this afternoon I am going to see Aunt Jane and cousin Carl. Will post more about my adventures in Chicago later.


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