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Saturday, January 28, 2006

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Saturday, McDill AFB

We got up this morning about 8:30. After walking the dog, Paul and I went to the shower house and we both took a nice long shower. As I was entering the shower room (limping along as always) a very obese woman saw me headed for the handicapped shower stall. I suppose that she needed to have the larger stall due to her weight. I don’t blame her; the regular shower stalls are exceedingly small. I use the regular showers anyways, but this morning my hip was really hurting and had kinda thought I’d used the larger handicapped stall so I could sit down in the shower. Well, she practically knocked me over so she could take the larger shower! I was flabbergasted. I bit my tongue (and everyone who knows me understands how really, really hard this is for me…yanno, keeping my trap shut). I didn’t say anything, my luck she’d be the wife of some retired general and I’d get us kicked off the base (Hank assures me this won’t happen, but ya never know, right?). Ok, that’s my gripe for the day. I had to laugh, I’ve been there, done that, even got the t-shirt for obesity. I really didn’t have a problem using the smaller shower; it was just the idea that she had to get that shower…heh, heh, heh.

We went back to the rig, dressed and got ready to pick up Hank and Elizabeth Kerr. We had made plans to visit the pier in St. Petersburg to have lunch and visit the shops there. We had a lovely and very tasty lunch up on the top floor. The restaurant is called Cha Cha Coconuts and it is Jamaican themed. Paul and I split a Cuban sandwich (our new obsession, but they are sooooo good.) with roast pork, salami, ham and pickles with mustard on a Cuban roll which is then pressed. Oh, my gosh are they good!!!! Grandpa and Hank had the Cha Cha Jamaican BBQ Ribs and Elizabeth had a ham and cheese Cuban. We shared an appetizer of onion sticks. They were served in a cone shaped paper cup sitting in a rack with two dipping sauces on either side. It’s hard to describe but it was really kinda nifty. Grandpa and I had the best Raspberry Tea. I now have another obsession! After lunch we strolled through the shops and I bought a “no headache” visor. The one I already have is really cute, rattan and a blue patterned band, but I get such a headache after wearing it for a short time because it is made from a plastic headband (remember those?). This “no headache” visor has a plastic coil in the back which stretches so therefore, no headache. Jeesh, such a wonderful idea, LOL! I tried on a hat that was the most outrageous, over the top hat I have ever seen. It was a hand made hat with lace and huge flowers and a wonderful veil that wraps around the shoulders. It is very Victorian. I fell in love with it! I looked like somebody outta the chorus line from Hello Dolly, or a movie made by Ivory Merchant! The saleslady was a real stitch, and sang along with the music playing in the background…she even did several dance steps. She told me that in February, when the new season starts they have tons of these handmade hats IN RED for Redhatters!!! I gotta have one, or at least make one similar. Not only are they beautiful but they are off the charts ostentatious. So what if they cost $60? I will be the envy of the Cenois Prairielanders Red Hat Chapter, not to mention, the Lincoln’s Ladies Red Hat Chapter! I am on a mission now….look for pictures yet to come!

We stopped at the commissary when we returned to the base. Elizabeth and I wandered about, looking at stuff, reading labels and finding new and different things in the various grocery isles. This is what happens to those of us who have gladly given up grocery shopping to the men in our lives, for what ever reason. We now never get to look at all the new and different products coming to the market. We spent about an hour there. The commissary carries some very interesting items as CenCom (Central Command) is here at McDill and there are representatives from over 54 nations serving in the armed forces stationed here.

We ended up at the bakery case (now why does that surprise you?) and purchased several delicious looking small cakes to share for our dessert after our dinner of left over lasagna tonight. We then drove Hank and Elizabeth back to their rig and returned to ours let out the furkids. Paul is planning on going to the activity center this evening…poker night. He is salivating at the thought. Grandpa, the furkids, and I will just stay in and watch a movie or something. I’ll go with Paulie and get on the wifi and post this later along with some pictures of St. Petersburg.

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January 27, 2006
Friday Continued

After posting to the blog earlier today, I went back to the rig. My Fibromyalgia was rearing up and I just had to lie down. About 5 pm Paul woke me up and we all got ready to go to the Museum in Tampa. Unfortunately, we hit Friday night rush hour traffic. It took us about an hour to get from McDill to the museum which is off I275 north near Busch Gardens. The Body Works exhibit has special evening hours with reduced prices. I asked for a wheel chair just to be safe. I have to say that this was the single most incredible exhibit I have ever seen. I cannot describe how this process is done, but the bodies on exhibit have been carefully plasticized in a special, very unique formula for preservation and display. Each of the body’s functional systems like the central nervous system and the endocrine system is displayed. The skeleton and muscles are shown in compete detail. Several full bodies have been as Paul said, “sliced and diced” to show how the system works and functions in the body. It is absolutely incredible. I am so glad I insisted that we go since we missed the exhibit in Chicago last summer. Along with healthy individual organs or bones or even nerve systems, are actual specimens of cancer stricken organs, or diseased body parts. I was especially interested in the lungs and saw the devastation of smoking and lung diseases. We saw normal brain tissues and then a stroke victims brains, Alzheimer’s and senility devastated brains. We were especially interested in the joint replacements such as knees and hips. And I can now honestly say I saw what my gastric bypass surgery accomplished and viewed the stomach, duodenum and both the alimentary limb and common channel. I saw the nasty little gallbladder that has been causing me such grief. It was truly an unusual and interesting exhibit. Of course, I was the only one enthralled…Grandpa and Paul were not that interested and the jokes Paul cracked were truly gross. I enjoyed it and I guess they felt they were forced into viewing, and more importantly paying for this. Tough. If I have to force them to do things, so be it.

Well, since I cannot adequately describe this exhibit, I stop emoting about it now. Tomorrow we are going to the pier in St Petersburg. I am really looking forward to this trip. Maybe Elizabeth and I can sneak away and do some shopping in peace…I get tired of the endless “Do you really NEED this….?” Of course not, but I WANT this….ppfft. Just deal for heaven’s sake and quit your complaining already!

I’ll post more about our day in St Pete tomorrow.


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