The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well we landed once again in Miami. Picked up the furkids from the no-tell-pet-motel. They were just a bit happy to see us. They all received excellent marks on their "report card". The doc told us Oscar had some nasty loose poops. Gee sorry to get so graphic. Glad it was them having to clean it up and not me!

We are relaxing in the rig after re-setting up at the Miami-Everglades Campground. We had pizza and split one beer for dinner. We needed to have a rest before we hit the ground running tomorrow. We are going to try and find a place to park the rig, then take the car down back to the Keys. We may not make it back to Key West, but Key Largo is fairly close and I think we will be able to do some more sight seeing there. We will be planning out the next week or so's travel plans. It is really great that we don't have to worry about rushing because we have to get back to jobs and stuff. I am not sure Grandpa is taking to RV'ing. I suppose if he gets too, um, shall we say, nostolgic for home, we will be happy to put him and Pepe on a flight back to Springfield, LOL! OK, I am gonna sign off for now. I will be putting up my "memories" from the cruise later this evening. I also have a ton of photos. None of me turned out very well, but then again, we all know what I look like.



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