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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Day Six...

We set up the rig and then took the car for a test run to the boarding kennel for the furkids and then to the dock. We were told to take Hwy 1 or the Dixie Highway. Two hours later we find the vet's place. Of course the MAPQUEST directions were wrong. Figures. I am at this point not too impressed with Miami, at least the parts I have seen. It looks like a dilapidated neighborhood with palm trees and palmettoes all over the place. The drivers down hear rival those in Chicago, and would make a Paris taxi driver look like he's petalling. The dry run was a good idea. We don't need to get lost in the morning so this took a bit of the anxiety out of Paul. Of course, Grandpa has made some comments but I will not digress...'nuf said. Six days in a motorhome with one big stupid dog and one little bastard dog who is one step this side of EVIL and a cat that tries to escape at every opportunity has actually NOT been that terrible.

Paul and I are doing the laundry at the Miami Everglades RV Park. This is the closest campground to Miami and its about 30 miles south of the Port of Miami. When it says everglades, it means the everglades. Eash camp-site is about 20 feet wide and long enough for a 37 to 40' RV. Very close quarters, but everyone seems so nice. Many of these snowbirds come back here every year and hold the same spot. Sounds good to me. The pool looks wonderful and I am glad we will be staying another day when we dock on Friday. Also we are going to store the rig here...we could take it to the port parking lot but there we would have to pay for three spots...about 40 bucks a day. We can store it here for $10 per day. Sounds good to me.

Well, I am going to end now. We are all tired and are just gonna jel out and veg in front of the tv...Desperate Housewives and Greys anatomy is on tonight.

I'll post some more aboard ship in the internet cafe. I didn't take any pictures today so nothing to up load. Darn, and I have free wifi and its FAST for once.




I think I mentioned earlier in the week that we have smartened up and put the air matress on top of the ick matress on the sofa bed. I have to take a running start and use the sofa cushions as a springboard to get on the damm thing. It is NOT a pretty site...think of the lady gymnasts, then pictue moi and you get the mental picture, right? To make it more exciting for myself, I wind up with a jammies wedgie each and every night!

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