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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day Five…staying put

We have decided to stay at the Treasure Cove RV park for a day or two. We don’t have to be in Miami until Monday morning to drop the kids off at the furkids spa. We are about 120 miles away, so its not going to be a big deal. At least we won’t have to tool around Miami looking for a place to stay. It is the coldest day of the season here…it figures, we brought the cold air with us for heaven’s sake! It is supposed to be in the high seventies and today they “think” it will barely hit 50. Well, that’s warm for January in our neck of the woods anyways.

Paul and I made the most delicious meal last night. We tooled up to Wally world and purchased some Caesar salad, Texas cheese toast and some frozen twice baked potatoes. We used our “new” grill to go. I say new because even though it is about three years old, we have never used the thing. We had taken along three filets from home. Let me just say, nobody talked during dinner….we were all shoveling it in and wanted to concentrate. Since it was so cold, we stayed in and watched the tube. This RV park is very nice…free cable and wifi…however it is very pricey at $49 per night (and that is with our Good Sam discount!). I think that the farther south one travels the price of an RV spot goes up significantly. There were 6 RV’s in the Walmart parking lot. I think if one is just traveling through that is okay…but staying more than a few hours is taking advantage of Walmart’s hospitality. The concern is that Walmart will no longer allow anyone to park overnight.

I think we will probably go exploring the beaches and tourist traps here in Ft. Pierce even though it is very cold. Should be pretty empty. I will take some pix and pots them later.


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