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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday, December 27th 2005

Well, I am still not making any progress in dismantling the Christmas stuff. Or packing the motorhome either... Woke up with a migrane and still have it. Went to PT at the FitClub and did my routine. Oh well, I didn't want to put the tree and stuff up and now I don't want to take it down!

I received good news today from our insurance company. They have approved my appeal to have a revision to my broken gastric bypass surgery. It will be sometime in late February I think. I will call the doc's office tomorrow when they open and get a real date.

I wanted to try and get some more pictures up...I signed up for this Google thing and it was supposed to be EASY to upload pix to my blog. Yeah right. I must be computer stoopid. I can't do it. I will try to post some pictures of the traveling menagerie but I am not promising anything right now.

Oscar the Black lab is almost 9 now. He is the sweetest dog in the world unless the UPS or mailman is at the door. Then he wants to eat the guy. The biggest problem traveling with him will be that he gets so excited when he sees bikes or go carts whiz by in the campgrounds.

Then there is Grandpa's little furball Pepe. He is supposed to be a
Chihuahua...well. He does have a Chihuahua's head, and a sweet little face...but that ends any semblence of Pepe being part of that breed. His fat little body weighs about 10 pounds, about 6 pounds more than most Chihuahuas. Then there is the tongue. This tongue must be the longest tongue on any dog anywhere. I am not making this up. It hangs out of the side of his mouth all the time. When he lays down on the floor, the tongue leaves a wet spot... But we love the little stinker. He and the kitty don't get along and she has to put him in his place every now and then with a couple of waps on the nose. Here he is... see the tongue?

Then last but not least is Miss Kitty, Snickers. She is almost 16 years old. She is really the queen of the house. She will nag and nag and nag some more until she gets what she wants. She wants to go out, then she wants to eat(and she likes to be PETTED) while she eats. She wants you to pet her, she wants some of your ice cream...its always something with the Queen. Here is a picture of Snickers....

This is an old picture...she is now blind in one eye and it is discolored. Doesn't stop her reign of terror at all...

Ok, I guess that's all I can think of to say tonight. Hopefully I will have made some progress by tomorrow on my list of stuff to do.

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Nancy said...

I love reading your entries and look forward to all the ones I will be receiving and reading in the future. L, Nancy